Freshen your skin up with this amazing new product ????

I heard about this brand from a friend at work, she had purchased this mask (it looked like blood smeared all over her face) but after her skin was so smooth.

They do a lot of products that are all really reasonable for the size as well.

The bottles are glass with a pipet and the label looks like a chemical lab label. The main ingredients are in percentages on the front – like a chemical sample.

It says that you cannot keep this on your skin for more than 10 minutes and to only use once to twice a week.

So not to harm my beautiful delicate skin I tried this on my husband first.

It looked like he had been in a fight by the time I had finished and it did sting his skin for the first couple of minutes. You remove this with warm damp cloth and it comes off really easily.

His skin looked really nice and fresh.

When I tried this, I don’t think I put enough on, my skin didn’t sting  but when I removed it, my skin was really nice and smooth. I put moisturiser on before bed and my skin felt really nice, like it had been exfoliated.

I know someone else that has tried this and she says that her make up looks really nice, like she’s had a primer on before applying her make up.

For £6.50 it’s well worth the feel of your skin after and I will be purchasing more of their skin care products. I think this will last around 6 months with how much product you receive.

I will be researching more of this company and what products would benefit my skin type – the range is amazing!